Song of the Sun: a documentary film to raise ecological consciousness at this moment of ecological crisis by Marilyn Hardy

a film for this ecological moment

We once believed the sun revolved around the earth. Now, our ecological emergency demands another profound and urgent shift in the way we perceive ourselves as a part of the earth and the cosmos.

Song of the Sun is a hybrid of visual poem and documentary, yet more than either. The film engages on all levels—the senses, the mind, the heart and the spirit.

is a documentary film for our time, taking place at the edge of evolution. As major structures and systems of our world break down, and our planetary fever rises, we stand on the brink. It is our estrangement from the natural, more-than-human world that has brought us to this point. The ecological emergency of our time is demanding an urgent response from humanity--a profound shift in perception.

We are being called to remember our place in the universe, to participate at deeper levels in the re-balancing and healing of our planetary home. We are being asked to dig deep into a full-bodied awareness of the unity of life. is a movie that re-awakens this consciousness—a unified consciousness, a deep ecological awareness— one that re-enchants the world.

Song of the Sun: A film for this moment of Ecological peril

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a photograph of the sun bursting through the night sky

Song of the Sun is a documentary movie in development.
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